Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Funny: November 2/13

Happy 1st Saturday of the month!! So how was the last month for you? Us... Totally & utterly crazy!! Have we finished the renos? Nope. Does this stress me? Oh you got no idea lol. 

To top all that off my Awesmazing sister & I are taking a "sisters only" vacation starting Thursday! We will be leaving early Thursday & driving most of the eastern side of the country. Mainly because we are looking for the best place for her wedding to happen. So I hope to be blogging the whole way about where we stopped, what we ate, and how we survived each other in a car this long lol. I guess you can say this is our version of the "Oprah's Roadtrip!" So bring it on!! Now to only start packing. :/ 

It's also The Marine Corps 238th Birthday while we are gone. Not sure I'll make it to the ball. But there's hope yet. 

So with all that this is what was funny on Facebook this week:


  1. LOL this was a great laugh, I am sick so I needed this lol

    1. Hey Erica! I'm sry you not feeling well this week. But I'm glad this weeks funny gave you a laugh. Hope you feel better soon & thank for stopping bye!