Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Funny: November 30/13

Well happy Saturday everyone we made it!! 
It's officially day 10 of my juicing & the added bonus is IV lost about 7 lbs. I'm doing well & plan to continue on with this under "Dr. B's" care. So more to come on that!

How was everyone's thanksgiving ( that is if ur in the US) Did anyone do any Black Friday shopping? I'm a deal hunter but I refuse to go stand in the cold with an angry crazy mob. That's just my opinion on it all. 

This was what I found floating around Facebook this week:

Friday, November 29, 2013

Homemade Fruit Punch Juice

Hello all!! I'm so happy today is day 9 for me with my juicing. My dr is very pleased how things are going & so am I. 

So I changed up my breakfast juice today. I wanted to know how grapes would work. Ooo let me tell you grape juice from fresh juiced grapes is AMAZING!! It will be a must do again. 

So I decided to take some of my other fruits and my my own fruit punch minus all the sugars & dyes. It worked out so well. You should totally give it a try!

Homemade Fruit Punch: 

1 apple
1 pear
1 bunch of grapes ( about 30 grapes)
1 orange peeled


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Apple-Orange-Pineapple Juice

Afternoon everyone! How has your Tuesday been? 

Mine has been pretty good. Today I'm at the 1/2 way mark to my first 10 days of juicing!! I think personal that's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. :-)

So here is my day 5 update:

I am finally past the "I want to eat now!" Faze. Most importantly everyone around me survived! 

I went out with the Sister ( my BFF, & partner in crime for most things) could walk around a Walmart & watch her eat out & only have a green tea with honey & I was perfectly okay with that. 

I'm feeling much healthier. My RA is not flairing as bad as well my SBS has only bothered me once in 5 days. That's a new record! "Dr. B" is very pleased how things are looking. I've also lost 3 lbs since last week. Woohoo!!!

So here is today's juice:


2 apples
2 oranges (pealed to only the inside whte part)
2 large chunks of Pineapple (pealed & cored)
1 piece of ginger

Very yummy!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bright Pink-A-Licious Juice

Evening everyone! 

So I added another juice to my options. I'm actually excited about this one! The name is very accurate to what it is. 

To make it you will need:

1-2 beets pealed
4 carrots
1 orange pealed ( leave the iner white part of the skin. That's where all the vitamins are)
1 sweet potato pealed
1/2 leamon pealed

I really liked it!!

Saturday Funny: November 23/13

Good Saturday Morning everyone!!

How has your week been? As most know if you've been following along I'm on day 3 of a Juice cleanse ordered by my Dr. 

The hardest part of it thus far? Cooking for everyone else & watching them eat. 

But humor is always a good thing. So let's see what was funny on Facebook this week:

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Mean Green Juice

Ok so I'll update ya'll Tia far on how things are going. 

#1. I dislike not eating. I did not realize how addicted to processed refind foods I was. 

#2. Withdrawling from refined process foods is so freaking not cool! It's a whitch. Not the good whitch of the east kind of whitch. The mean horrible ugly kind. 

#3. I have another 36 hours before the withdrawal goes away. Woohoo come on clock tick faster :)

#4. I notice all the food commercial now on TV. Thank goodness for PVR so I can fast forward them :)

#5. Now this is prolly way too much TMI, so be forwarned! I have yet to use the bathroom for a #2.  Ok that's kind of a huge deal for me since on a normal day I live in the head. "Dr. B" says this just goes to show how nutriently deprived I am. Because I've had almost 2 days of straight fruit/vegg & not gotten sick. Huh. Maybe she's on to something here. 

So that's where I'm at so far. Today I added the Mean Green to my juices. It's suppose to be the main juice you have everyday. 

Mean Green:
1 bulk of Kale
4 stalks of celery
1 cucumber 
2 Granny Smith apples
1/2 lemon peeled
1 piece of ginger thumb size

* I added 2 carrots to sweeten it up. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

All Green Lemonade- Juice

Ok so here is Juice #3 for you today, All green lemonade. Now when I saw this one I was like oh that should be good. As my brain instantly when to the processed sugary juice I love to have. 

This was so not the case! This was sour! Like wow kind of sour. I bulked at it. Was like oh hell no! Then I remembered sour triggers the enzymes for digestion. This is something I need so down it went. Success!

This is what is in All Green Lemonade:

3 handfuls of freshSpinach
6-8 Kale leaves
1 green apple
1/2 a cucumber 
4 stalks of celery 
1/2 a lemon peeled

In total it makes about 20 oz's. 


Apple-Carrot-Beat Juice

As promised I'm back!!

So this is my second Juice of the day. 

It consists of

1 apple
2 beats
3 carrots
1 piece of ginger (thumb size)
Spinage/Kale optional. I added half a bunch of Spinage.

Yup it turs out that red!

It was ok. I liked breakfast more. Maybe I should have used a bigger apple. Needed a bit more sweet. 

So I'm not feeling hungry which is good, nor have I needed my SBS meds yet. Woohoo! What I am is tired. Very tired lol. 
But that's ok. I knew that was coming. My body has started the detox process.

I'll be back after lunch to share the next Juice with you. 

Dr's Orders to get Juicing!!

Morning all! I've got a lot to share with you. So let's get started. 

First a little background on little ( I mean I. Hight only. I wish I was smaller in the weight department.) 7 years ago I was in a major car accedent. That brought on a plethora of health problems. The big few that are the trouble makers are my rheumatoid arthritis (RA), my pesky spinal cord injury, and lastly (though i had this prior to the accedent, it was just made worse) I am a suffere of Shortened Bowle Symdrome (SBS). 

Let's just put it this way I am a hot mess when it comes to my health. Which is what has brought me here to yesterday's follow up appointment. 

My awesome specialist we will call her "Dr. B" had some very disturbing news for me yesterday. Both my Intestines & Spine are degenerating faster then they should. ( So not good or cool might I add.) But never to just give me the bad news & split she had my options all ready for me. 
Option #1. Because the spine degeneration is due to my RA I could go back on an extensive round of "chemical therapy" again to recrash my immune system & hope it slows things down. 

Ok so that's not a favorite choice I've done that twice now in the last 7 years. I never really wanna go back to being that sick again. So I asked what was my other option?

Option #2. Start juicing! 

I beg your pardon did you just say start juicing?!? I must not of heard her right. So I asked again.. Pardon?

Apparently I did not hear her wrong. Study's have shown that "doing a juice cleanse" for a minimum of 10 days can help reboot your immune system. The catch you live on nothing but juice. You clean your system of all the processed junk which allows it to have a brake and detoxify. Which is huge since juicing I do not need to digest anything (I can not anyways & it's always painful) will give my insides a brake as well. 

After talking to "The Man" he said do whatever I needed to do. No questions asked. I watched a suggested video called: "Fat Sick Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross. It is a total must see!

In the end I chose to juice. I will start with the 10 days. What I really hope to do is go the whole program of 60 days. 

My Plan is to post my progress along with each juice recipe I use. 


1 apple
2 pears
1 piece of ginger ( thumb size) 

Place in juicer & enjoy!!

I'll be back around snack time to post the next one for you. But this one was a great morning breakfast. 

**Please Please if you chose to do something like this do it under the care of your Doctor.** 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Funny: November 16/13

Happy Saturday everyone!!

I'm home now from the road trip & have lots of posts to organize for you. Who knew I'd need a vacation from my vacation? I'm just so bagged it's silly. So I'm taking at least today to rest then it's back at it!

How has your week been? Anything new or exciting going on?

Well here's what I found funny on Facebook this week:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Virsion of "Operah's Road Trip" Post #2

So the trip continues... we are all still living so score one for the good guys!!

We decided NOT to go to Gettysburg but instead to get in the car and head straight to Harpers Ferry. On our way in the mater of 30 minutes we passed through 3 states! Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Literally you blink and you missed the welcome signs my sister was trying so hard to get pictures of.  What you do not miss and are in complete awe of is the breath taking scenery and the views.

We spent a good part of the day walking around a very small part of Harpers Ferry National Park and talking to one of the oldest park Ranger's named John who was more then excited to have two fairly young ladies who wanted talk about the history of the park as well the civil war. 

About 1:00 pm we decided it was time to move on to find lunch. That in it's self was a small adventure. This is only a town of 300 people! We found a small restaurant called "The Anvil". We decided that worked better then the 7 eleven we had seen.

 We walked in and thought ok this could really work. The place was nice and quant. All we were looking for was a good meal and to wait out the next hour before our hotel check in. We decided to seat ourselves in this little booth, where the table reminded me of a old kitchen counter.

I thought it was kind of cute. That my friends was pretty much the end of a the good experience there. I should have known this was going to go down hill from the minute we realized that every thing on said table was sticky. YUCK! It was not that busy but it took us sometime to get that cleaned up. Second warning bell: poor service and we had not even ordered yet! I should have taken these 2 warnings and ran, well the getting was good. But as I am clearly a sucker for punishment I did not.
We ordered and I was hopeful for the food. I ended up ordering a Ruben with fries. Something simple right? You shouldn't be able to mess that up. OH how I was so wrong. More on that in a moment.

Once the food arrived I was once again drawn in by the appearance of what was put in front of me.

I was like "YAY ME!! TIME TO EAT!" boy was that first bite a disappointment. the meat was almost all fat and very dry and tough. I only ended up eating half. This would be a first for me. I never leave anything behind. Lets just say I am glad I did because both myself and my sister were glad the hotel let us check in early mainly because we were sick the rest of the afternoon :-(

So word to the wise if you ever get a chance to come this way do your self a favor do NOT eat here... but DO make sure you take plainly of time to enjoy the view!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Funny: November 9/13

Gooooood Saturday Morning!! 

This weeks funny is brought to you from my hotel room in Harpers Ferry! Yup we made it!! I will have post #2 for you later today ..... I hope lol. 

So how was your week?

Let's see what was funny this week on Facebook:

Friday, November 8, 2013

My version of " Oprah's Road Trip" post #1

Hello my lovelies! I am waiting you form Frederick Maryland! For those that know that is over 10 hrs away from my original starting point! If you read last week's SaturdayFunny you will know that the Sis and  have been planing an all girls no kids vacation to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It's a multi-fold trip mostly because we are geeks and want to see some of the civil war sites other reason is that she is getting married and they want it to be at one of these civil war sites. So when her hubby to be suggested wedding planing as a vacation I was sold! One week no responsibility and time with my Sister who is my bestie! Absofreakinglutly!, I'm in!

So here we are, what we thought would take us more then a day to drive and we are about an hour and a half away from our goal of a detonation and check in to our actual hotel isn't till after 3 PM today. My sister convinced me ( much to my not wanting to might I add) to pull over last night and grab a room because after so many hours driving I've got to be tired... I kept saying no way man I'm totally fine! But she was right we did need a place to crash for the night so he we are in Frederick. We are actually 20 min away from  Gettiesburg. So we have decided that will be our first stop of this trip. Mainly because who knows when we will get to do that ever agin?

We grabbed a room at the Comfort Inn here in Frederick. Let me just say I'm not really a hotel kinda gal. But when I walked in and realized this room was better then mine back home, things were totally looking up in that department. This place has the"Oh-so-comfy-never-ever-ever want-to-leave-beds". Like really I fell into it and was like Oh My Goodness this is a slice of heaven! 

Here have a look at our pretty room:

Let's just say it was a very awesome sleep for me last night. Many thanks to the late night clerk who was awesome at check-in. She gave us a discount just because we are that awesome!

Will have more topmost later.... Till tell how has your week been?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Funny: November 2/13

Happy 1st Saturday of the month!! So how was the last month for you? Us... Totally & utterly crazy!! Have we finished the renos? Nope. Does this stress me? Oh you got no idea lol. 

To top all that off my Awesmazing sister & I are taking a "sisters only" vacation starting Thursday! We will be leaving early Thursday & driving most of the eastern side of the country. Mainly because we are looking for the best place for her wedding to happen. So I hope to be blogging the whole way about where we stopped, what we ate, and how we survived each other in a car this long lol. I guess you can say this is our version of the "Oprah's Roadtrip!" So bring it on!! Now to only start packing. :/ 

It's also The Marine Corps 238th Birthday while we are gone. Not sure I'll make it to the ball. But there's hope yet. 

So with all that this is what was funny on Facebook this week: