Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Apple-Pear-Strawberry Juice

Good morning everyone!

I'm sorry I've been away & there was no Saturday funny this past week. We are still suffering from the power outages. Which makes it really hard to have consistent internet to post anything  

So I will post this quick just incase. 

Apple-Pear-Strawberry Juice:

2 Apples
2 Pears
1 cup Stawberries with tops cut off

Put through juicer. Stir. Serve. 


Monday, December 23, 2013

The Not Saturday- Saturday Funny: December 22/13

Morning everyone! So as the title states this was suppose to be our weekly Saturday funny post. Yet it's not Saturday, it's Monday. 

Well you would be correct. We were hit by that long lasting ice storm which put us out of Power/Heat/Hot Water for a few days. Kind of crazy let me tell ya. 

But as of 1:40 this morning God smiled on us & Poof the power was back along with everything else. Yay!!!

For those that have been following along on my "Juicing Journy" let me start this update not all juicer's are created equal. Friday was day 30 for me. I was so proud of myself. I woke up that morning to get my juice & the darn juicer turned my frute into a pulpy mess instead of juice. Clearly it was not made to take being used 3-5 times a day. So back it went & I bought the almost holy grail of juicers! I finally get it home after a long day if no food & no juice to have the power out. So I had no choice but to eat what food we could find. Boy did my tummy not feel good. But I juiced this more & already feel better. 

So did the store effect you? Tell me about it as I share what was funny on Facebook last week:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Funny: December 14/13

Evening all! Sorry today's Funny is so late. We all slept in then had to run out & get a bunch of shopping done, in a snow storm. I've only been home about an hour now & I'm so cooked lol. 

So let's see what was funny this week. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lemon Lime Zip Juice

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

How is everyone doing today?

Me I'm really happy! Today is day 20 of my juicing. I'm really getting the hang of this & doing really well. My RA is waaayy less in pain & Flair ups. & my SBS is not dictating my daily actions. On an added bonus I've lost 18 lbs in this time.  Woot score for the good guys!!

So for today's Juice I'm giving you another Lemonaid. **Remember real Lemonaid packs a real punch due to the lack of sugar**

Lemon Lime Zip 

1Lemon pealed
1 Lime pealed
2 pears
3 apples 

Juice mix & Serve!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Funny: December 7/13

Happy Saturday everyone!! How has your week been? 

For myself pretty good. I'm day 17 for my juicing. That is going very well I've lost 10 lbs!! My RA is doing well & so is my SBS. So I am motoring right along here. 

It's been a week of tragity on the news this week with the deaths of Paul Walker & Friend. As well the passing of Nelson Mandela. So I really think is time for some humor. 

Let's see what was funny on Facebook this week. 

( ^^^^my kids have done this^^^^)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Arlington National Cemetery Needs Your Help....

Evening All.

I am putting the call out for anyone who is open to helping Arlington National Cemetery .

I personally have friends buried there and I visited last month on my trip to Washington DC on Veteran's Day. There I saw The President Of the United States speak in honor of all that have served and have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I was present for the laying of the wreaths and the tomb of The Unknown Solder as well as the changing of the guard. Let me tell you just how moving that place really is. Rows a pond rows of toms is all you see.

Section 60 is where all Vets of the last 12 years are laid. This is where my friend lays.
The Reason I am mentioning all of this is that each year warriors who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom, have a wreath laid in their memory and honor at various cemeteries.  This year Arlington National Cemetery needs your help.

The wreath laying ceremony will take place on December 14th at 10am by Wreaths Across America.  They’re currently 35,000 wreaths short and need your assistance.  You can purchase one for just $15 by clicking here.  Please share this message with all your friends so we can help complete this mission.

If you live in the DC area and would like to offer your assistance hanging wreaths, simply show up on December 14th at 9:45am.

Want to know more about the non-profit Wreaths Across America?  Check out this video below.

Semper Fi!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Wake Up Wowser Juice

Hi! Welcome to day 12 of my juicing reboot! 

I'm so very proud of myself for making it this far. So for this little millstone I've got a new juice I want to share. It's become a favorite. Mainly because it taste like an Orange creamcicle. Yumm. 

Give it a try & let me know what you think:

Wake Up Wowser: 

1 pear
1 apple
2 oranges
1 sweet potato pealed