Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gold Star Mother's Day

Gold Star Mothers Day is celebrated in the U.S. On the last Weekend of September. It is to remember the mothers who lost there sons & daughters in combat. To show that their sacrifice is not forgotten. 

To learn more about Gold Star mothers please click the link.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Funny: September 28/13

Hello all! Happy last Saturday of September. 
How is everyone doing? We are in this mitts of some renos allergic reactions & the fur babies being overly obnoxious. They say it never rains always pours but at this point I'd rather just deal with a fall shower. 

So let's see what was funny floating around Facebook this week:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Funny: September 21/13

Hey All!! I'm so sorry this is so late. I've been sick all week & spent the better part of today at the doctors. Needless to say in now a walking pharmacy. But should be on the mend in a day or two. I hope. :)

So since my only amusement is finding funnies on Facebook at the moment lets see what I've found so far.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Funny: September 14/13

Hellooo everyone!

I'm sorry that this is do late today, not been a typical quite Saturday around here. 

So without further delay lets see what was funny this week on Facebook. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where were you on this day 12 years ago?

Today is the 12th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center & the Pentagon.  

As we take a few moments out of our very busy lives to stop and remember the lost & sacrifice from that horrific day. 

I want to also remember the sense of community & togetherness that came from it. 

As I sit here & remember where I was when it happened. I was not with my husband yet. I was in my home getting my (then) baby ready for daycare as well as I was running late to get to school. With the news on like I always do. I remember the news interruption & I was looking at the images coming across the TV thinking no chance this is really happening. 

It took me hours to wrap my brain around the fact this was actually happening. I still can not even 12 years later understand the "why" of the hatred that caused this. 

I want everyone to remember not the 12 years the collision has been at war with the Middle East. Or the theories as to why war was declared.  

Please remember the loss of all from these attacks. The moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles grandparents and children. Please Include the Military Personnel & First responders we have lost since that day defending our freedoms. 

             Most of all Never forget!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Funny: September 7/13

Gooood Saturday morning everyone!! 
So this is the first weekend since school started. How did everyone make out?

We had a few snags this week. Teen #1 Started a new school & by day 2 was assaulted by the mean girls. So now dealing with that non sense. 

Teen #2 actually is doing well so far this week with school. So YAY!!! 

My Kindergardener has yet to make it to school. Actually refuses to go. Can not get said wee one even close to the school. So The man & I are looking into alternatives for school. 

I'm hoping now that we are getting into the school schedule I'll be on here more with more recipes for everyone :) So please be patient with me as I get myself organized. 

So enough about me lets see what was funny on Facebook this week:

(^^ is for my toddler ;) )