Friday, November 8, 2013

My version of " Oprah's Road Trip" post #1

Hello my lovelies! I am waiting you form Frederick Maryland! For those that know that is over 10 hrs away from my original starting point! If you read last week's SaturdayFunny you will know that the Sis and  have been planing an all girls no kids vacation to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It's a multi-fold trip mostly because we are geeks and want to see some of the civil war sites other reason is that she is getting married and they want it to be at one of these civil war sites. So when her hubby to be suggested wedding planing as a vacation I was sold! One week no responsibility and time with my Sister who is my bestie! Absofreakinglutly!, I'm in!

So here we are, what we thought would take us more then a day to drive and we are about an hour and a half away from our goal of a detonation and check in to our actual hotel isn't till after 3 PM today. My sister convinced me ( much to my not wanting to might I add) to pull over last night and grab a room because after so many hours driving I've got to be tired... I kept saying no way man I'm totally fine! But she was right we did need a place to crash for the night so he we are in Frederick. We are actually 20 min away from  Gettiesburg. So we have decided that will be our first stop of this trip. Mainly because who knows when we will get to do that ever agin?

We grabbed a room at the Comfort Inn here in Frederick. Let me just say I'm not really a hotel kinda gal. But when I walked in and realized this room was better then mine back home, things were totally looking up in that department. This place has the"Oh-so-comfy-never-ever-ever want-to-leave-beds". Like really I fell into it and was like Oh My Goodness this is a slice of heaven! 

Here have a look at our pretty room:

Let's just say it was a very awesome sleep for me last night. Many thanks to the late night clerk who was awesome at check-in. She gave us a discount just because we are that awesome!

Will have more topmost later.... Till tell how has your week been?

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