Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dr's Orders to get Juicing!!

Morning all! I've got a lot to share with you. So let's get started. 

First a little background on little ( I mean I. Hight only. I wish I was smaller in the weight department.) 7 years ago I was in a major car accedent. That brought on a plethora of health problems. The big few that are the trouble makers are my rheumatoid arthritis (RA), my pesky spinal cord injury, and lastly (though i had this prior to the accedent, it was just made worse) I am a suffere of Shortened Bowle Symdrome (SBS). 

Let's just put it this way I am a hot mess when it comes to my health. Which is what has brought me here to yesterday's follow up appointment. 

My awesome specialist we will call her "Dr. B" had some very disturbing news for me yesterday. Both my Intestines & Spine are degenerating faster then they should. ( So not good or cool might I add.) But never to just give me the bad news & split she had my options all ready for me. 
Option #1. Because the spine degeneration is due to my RA I could go back on an extensive round of "chemical therapy" again to recrash my immune system & hope it slows things down. 

Ok so that's not a favorite choice I've done that twice now in the last 7 years. I never really wanna go back to being that sick again. So I asked what was my other option?

Option #2. Start juicing! 

I beg your pardon did you just say start juicing?!? I must not of heard her right. So I asked again.. Pardon?

Apparently I did not hear her wrong. Study's have shown that "doing a juice cleanse" for a minimum of 10 days can help reboot your immune system. The catch you live on nothing but juice. You clean your system of all the processed junk which allows it to have a brake and detoxify. Which is huge since juicing I do not need to digest anything (I can not anyways & it's always painful) will give my insides a brake as well. 

After talking to "The Man" he said do whatever I needed to do. No questions asked. I watched a suggested video called: "Fat Sick Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross. It is a total must see!

In the end I chose to juice. I will start with the 10 days. What I really hope to do is go the whole program of 60 days. 

My Plan is to post my progress along with each juice recipe I use. 


1 apple
2 pears
1 piece of ginger ( thumb size) 

Place in juicer & enjoy!!

I'll be back around snack time to post the next one for you. But this one was a great morning breakfast. 

**Please Please if you chose to do something like this do it under the care of your Doctor.** 


  1. I am sorry to head about all of your medical issues. I am in the same boat and my issues seem to be getting worse.

    1. Thank you. I'm sorry yours are getting worse. So far today it's not been so bad. Though my brain is detoxing & telling me I need bread. I don't. I'm not hungry lol.

  2. So sorry to hear about your accident and I hope you feel better. I like juice especially smoothies but I think I prefer eating the fruit lol.

    1. Thanx. I love to eat it too lol. Only my body has other ideas about it. In the end having juice Vs. Chemical tharpy juice will win every time :)