Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meet Lady Jaye My (his) Fur Baby

As I have said over the last week we are a family with many fur babies. We almost have as many fur babies as we do kids. Granted with the exception of 3 fur babies the rest are service companions.

Lady Jaye is not one of our service companions. She is my husbands fur baby. Back 3 1/2 years ago before my husband left for places unknown he had one request. I either get a dog for the house while he was away or I learn to use a gun. Can you guess what I picked? Not that I am against guns, but it's just not me. So I decided dog it was. When I told him this choice we talked about breeds. He was thinking a Doberman. But my great aunt had Dobermans and it was not a great experience for me, so I said no way. If I was being asked to get a dog I wanted pick of breed. I am a big dog lover. I have had Mastiffs and Rottie mix's most of my adult life. So we agreed I could find a Rottweiler pup but he got to help name said pup. It was a deal.  Long story short we rescued this pup for a puppy collector who was way too young to be away from mom. She is not a purebred but a mix of Rottie and Blue healer. I don't know who's brain child that was. 140 lb. Rottie with a 40 lb. Healer. Mix those two together and you get what I refer to as a"pigmy hippo".

My husband decided on Lady Jaye from the 80's G.I. Joe cartoon, not just because he is a fan but she was one tough cookie. He thought it would and still does think it's hilarious. It was even more hilarious when he named the new pup Flint. Flint was Lady Jaye's boyfriend in the cartoon.

But I digress this past week has been so very busy with Lady Jaye. We finally were able to take her in for her spay. Yes I know 3 years too late but unfortunately for her things just kept happening every time we went to book her operation.  We have an awesome vet where we are staying right now and even though it was about $200 more then I was quoted anywhere else there was no one I would trust more with our precious Lady Jaye.

Last Tuesday Night I was very nervous as I took her in the night before her surgery. They ask that all patients come in the night before for blood work and whatnot. By the time 2:30 rolled around the next day I am not sure who was more upset me or the kids. So I called in and they told me she was doing well and that they could send me pictures.

Here she is recovering and just waking up 
This is on the Thursday waiting for me to come get her.
Clearly I jumped on the thought of pictures to see how she was doing. So we get her home on the Thursday afternoon prepared to have the others be all over her and deciding I will let her hang out in my room with the cat. It will be nice and quite. Well by the next morning I rolled over and came eye to eye with a very big head that was not my husband.
Yup she decided she deserved to lap it up and take over the other side of the bed. When I looked at her she promptly decided to show me her belly as if to say "Mama I hurt see! You can not expect me to sleep on the floor like this can you?" She was right I didn't make her move. My husband is not impressed his pillow has been taken over. But oh well :) She is my his baby and we don't make hurt babies sleep on floors ;)

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