Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My throughts are with Boston

I have sat here at my computer trying to form my thoughts on this senseless act not just against the US, but against the world.  A very well known race that the people of the world partake in. I am sure it is on most people's bucket list to complete. Not mine but most other people's. I am more the built in cheer squad.

For me personally it hits closer to home as I sit here and watch the coverage. My husband is a Marathon junkie as I call him. He has ran the Boston Marathon and when he's available it's always a race he loves to do. I did not go to the last time he ran it. I was unwell and decided he could due with out his huge cheerleading squad. We had gone to be part of his support team for the Badwater Ultra marathon.  That was an experience. (You need to change your shoes at each check point because they melt from the heat on the road.)

Boston. I didn't go to that one and as I sat and thought he was suppose to be there this year. He had made the plans to go before work changed his plans for him. I was kinda mad and disappointed we were not going to be going. I was sad because work was calling him up again. But I got into my zone as I always do and pushed on. I know how very selfish of me to fist think OMG he was suppose to be there, but thank goodness he was not before my mind clicked over to "Oh those poor folks and all the families effected." My thoughts and Prayers go out to all effected.

I started hearing talk about how its not even safe to do these activities anymore. Well as much as I don't think these are fun things to do. (My husband would totally disagree and tells me that on a regular basis) Why would you not continue to do all the things that you have always done? Why should we let fear rule us so that the person(s) responsible win?

The answer as I see it is: We will not! There are still too many good folks in the world verses the few bad apples.

We must stay hopeful and Inspired as we sit and pray for those folks that we were part of this.

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