Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April is Military Child Month

In dedication to April being Military Child month I am taking a moment to reflect on how strong my kiddlets big and little really are.

But more so how all the craziness that is this lifestyle really is on a blended military family such as ours. My oldest daughter "S" was an only child before I got married to her step dad.  (I recently did a guest post on how I meet my Marine you can read  Our love story ) "S" was not part of this lifestyle like I had been growing up. So on the day I said "I do" she was saying "I do" as well but not to just having  a dad around or new found siblings from his side or that were to come. She was saying "I do" to the military way of life. Oh boy was that in its self and still can be a culture shock for her. The total excitement of FINALLY having a dad of her own just for him to leave not long after was crushing to her. The realizing he would miss dance classes and performances, school projects and birthdays was almost spirit braking for her. In some ways it still is even as she starts to embark on her teenage years. But some how in her own way she musters on. You can see it when you ask her to tell you about her dad and her aunts and uncles, She lights up like the fourth of July at being given the chance to talk about "HER FAMILY."

For my wee ones it seems to have been a bit easier. But not by much. It's the only lifestyle they have ever known. We all have had to learn the Military's motto of: "Hurry up and wait". Meaning orders come down and we are suppose to be moving oh lets say next week, (Uncommon yes but it has happen to us now twice!) We all go into a frenzy at packing and getting everything organized. The older ones start saying their "Good-byes" to friend's and making sure they have everyone's emails so that they can keep in touch. Only to find out "Nah, we are not going after all this time."

But for all these depressing moment's comes the little joys we all get when we realize "DADDY IS COMING HOME TODAY!!"  Maybe its just as simple as hearing hysterical laughter coming from the computer area as one of the older kids is reading an email Dad sent or they are in an intense competitions on a computer came together. One of my favorite moments is when on Skype a wee one leans in and gives Daddy kisses to say "night-night".  These are the moments that touch me all the way to my soul.

The moments that remind me not of what they are missing out on but what they have gained from all of this.

Love. They have gained and understanding that love is not bounded by borders or presence. It is endless and limitless. The understanding that they know they are part of something much bigger then themselves and that matters to more people then just our family.

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