Monday, April 15, 2013

Hot Water is something I take for granted!


Well now I should say Afternoon lol.

So a recap of my weekend. The boiler blew! We for now over 24 hrs. have had NO and I do me NO hot water or heat to speak of. Unless you count the large stock pot of water I keep.  But that is mainly to wash the dishes so that I don't end up with a weeks work all over my kitchen.. I am so tempted to switch over to throw away plates. But well with so many of us that would be ALOT of trash to go out.

They energy company has been here for two days trying to fix the problem. They are hoping to have it on by tonight. But they may not either..

I am kicking my self for not washing my hair and the babies Saturday night. I have had to sponge bath them and THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE for the obscene amount of baby wipes I keep lying around.

The Teen's are begging me for a shower. My sister worked all weekend and came home to the problem so not a happy house.

The heat is also a BIG issue. We still live where there is snow on the ground! I layered up everyone's bed with extra blankies. Me I got super smart and took my heating pad to bed the cat and I were just toasty till the alarm went off and we had to un-cocoon our selves..

So how was everyone's else weekend?

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