Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mile-high lemon coconut cake

Well, well, what can I say about this oh so yummy cake? Well for starters its CAKE!! WOOHOO!! (If you do not understand my families fascination with cake you can read it Here) Next I am very much a fan of Lemons, since we are now into Lemon season I think this was perfect to share with you all.

Please note: I normally do NOT make things out of a box.. This is what happens when I try to:
I know you are probably wondering well what what's wrong with those cakes? Well.. what you will see further down is that these are burnt and about an inch think... So NOT what I was looking for at all! So I scrapped them and started over. (When I say scrapped I mean they are sitting on my counter and the kids and anyone else for that matter has picked at the non burned parts and said "Hey thanx Ma!" Ewww Ma!! Did you use a box?!?!
Well this cake is a show stopper, and only you will know it started with a boxed cake mix! It sure doesn't taste like it in the end!
My next try turned out perfect!
So now on to attempt number #2:
What you need:
1 Box of white cake mix
1 can of lite coconut milk, divided
1 cup sweetened flaked coconut
1 tbsp. lemon zest
1 can lemon pie filling
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
4 cups icing sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
x2 8 inch cake pans
wax paper
cooking spray
How to make:
Prepare cake mix according to the directions on the box; EXCEPT replace water with coconut milk. Reserve the remaining milk.
Take wax paper and lay it out on your work surface and trace the bottom of your cake pans onto the wax paper

Cut out circles; Spray cooking spray into pans then place your cut out wax paper on the bottom *this trick helps to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pan* 
Fill cake pans evenly and Bake as directed
While cake is baking in the oven get a small fry pan and put 1 cup flaked coconut on medium-low heat. Stirring continuously, toasting until lightly golden.

Turn onto a plate to cool
When cake's are finished baking take them out of the oven and let them fully cool on cooling racks.
When fully cooled remove from pans and remove wax paper from bottoms of cakes
Grate lemon zest into medium bowl
Add and Mix in pie filling with lemon zest; set aside

Beat butter in a large bowl until pale and creamy

On low speed with your electric mixer gradually add 2 cups of icing sugar; mix till well blended
Add 3/4 cup of coconut milk
Add remaining 2 cups of Icing sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla; blend well
Cover icing with a damp towel and set aside * Damp towel prevents the icing from going hard*

 Putting it all together:
Lay cooled cake layers on a flat surface

With a serrated knife slice each cake in half horizontally to form 4 layers

Place one layer on large plate or cake plate; spread about 1/3 of lemon filling onto layer
Top with 2nd layer and gently with hands press down on both layers to spread out filling; top again with lemon filling
Top with 3rd layer and press down on all 3 layers; top will last of filling; then place last layer and gently press down; Chill cake for 30 min to firm it up
Once chilled ice cake with a very thin layer of icing; starting at the top and working over the sides. *Icing job will NOT be pretty. the first coat of icing helps keep the filling in the cake.* Chill once more for 30 min
Remove from fridge and frost with remaining icing
Scoop coconut in the palm of your hand and press onto the side of cake to garnish
Gather any fallen coconut off the plate and press back onto cake working your way all the way around the cake
Finally Chill until ready to serve and Enjoy!


  1. I doubt I would ever make this, but it looks gorgeous, and I bet it tastes really good!
    Following you from Aloha Friday.

    1. Honestly this is one of my more complicated things to make lol. Oh it's very good :) Well worth the effort of a second try!

      Thank you for stopping by :)