Friday, June 14, 2013

People With Service Animals Have Rights!! #KarateAmericaOrangePark

Well here I go again I am climbing up onto my soapbox bullhorn in hand so that I can address the world.

Some of you may or may not know that with my very large family we have 4 people that are exceptional and have been pared with a service dog. Now this faces obstacles when going out into public places because first off when 6-13 people walk into lets say a restraint and 4 of those people have mandatory service animals people tend to not be so accommodating as if it were just one service dog.  But there are laws that prevent them from turning you away. Every State in the US and Province in Canada prevents you from being discriminated against due to your disability no matter what that disability is. Meaning if I walk in with 4 service dogs you have to accommodate me and my party. Now I as well as my husband have been asked "is it really needed that the dog joins you?" our answer has always been "Yes it's needed. Period" We have had other patrons walk out or just out right complain to us and the staff about our service dogs. Only to be told there was nothing they could do because they dogs are vested and papered and are working.

So the above brings me to something that was brought to my attention late last night by my sister on Facebook. This woman by the name of Kristle Helmuth husband a Military service member was denied access to Karate America Orange Park based solely because her husband had his service companion with him. Here is her post:

"Karate America Orange Park I am absolutely disgusted at how you chose to handle the situation regarding my husband and his service dog. Instead of educating your leaders and students on service dogs and the laws regarding service dogs you chose to tell us that it would be in our best interest to just go elsewhere. The law clearly states that you cannot refuse admittance, segregate, isolate or treat patrons less favorable than others. You cannot claim allergies or fear as a valid reason for denying access. Tonight when you chose to meet my husband at the door and not allow him to enter because you have individuals inside who are afraid of dogs you discriminated against a disabled person. When approached about this situation you chose to accommodate the other party again, that is discrimination. I will get my money back, I will find a place where my whole family can be treated with respect, and one way, or another you will be educated on the laws regarding service dog teams."

I have personally contacted Karate America Headquarters there phone number is 1(866)306-5426 to register a complaint about their bad business practices. Businesses like this need to be taught a lesson in respect and dignity.

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