Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Funny: August 24/13

Wow we are just about a week away till school starts!!! I canna wait!!

I'm so looking forward to being back into a daily schedule. 

Till then here is what was funny on Facebook this week:


  1. It is great that you are looking forward to school I use to DREAD it lol. I just loved summer, going on vacations, hanging out with my friends and staying up late. When I was in University it was stressful and all I could think about was all the assignments and clinical rotations in the hospital along with all the medical papers I had to write. But now that it is over I can relax lol.

    1. I'm looking forward to sending the kids back to school lol. One of the little ones starts kindergarten this year. Teen #1 is finishing High School & starting University all at the same time. Teen #2 is in the last year of Jr. High. So it's leaving me with the babies & Toddlers. So yay for being back to our regular scheduled program. :)