Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Funny: May 3/14

Happy first day of May everyone!!

Well the roller coaster ride of a week is over. Wanna know where I'm sitting right now? 

Well I'm going to tell you anyways ( So I hope you said yes. Hehe.) I am sitting in the food court of the mall. May the powers that be help me! 

Teen #1 has had a really bad week with the bullies. To the point they prevented her from safely making it home yesterday. So she had her best friend stay over. Then it was... Mom... Mama.... I Love you....

Proven fact. If your teen says that they think you are a piece of toast that needs to be buttered up. (I can assure you all I am not that lol)

Yes Teen #2 what is it you want... Can you take us to the mall? 
Me: so how are you getting home ?
Teen: ummmm can you pick us up too?
Me: I am not a taxi service. How long are you going to be there? 
Teen: ummm just for awhile. 
Me: ok I'll drop you off run a few errands then it will be time to leave. 
Teen: yay ma your the best. 

So that's how I got sucked into "People Watching" in the food court. 

This sure could use what I found funny on Facebook this week:


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