Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How Teen #2 Blew Me Away...

I often don't really talk about our kids here but today I would like to share a story with you. 

Teen #2 is almost 14. She is at that age where aliens have moved in and subsequently taken over her brain. We all wish they would move out!

For the last several months she (as well as the whole family) have had a very rough go of things where she is concerned. 

Her grade 8 graduation is coming up. She was asked to write a speech for the occasion. Now here is the thing she HATES with a capital H public speaking. So she normally avoids & will not contribute to anything that involves such an act. 

That was till the other night she read me what she had been working on... Let me tell you I've never been more blown away. It moved me so much that I just want to share it with all of you. 

Please note this is a working draft. 

  We all started the same. As babies. We all said out first words, took our firsts steps, and we all failed and tried again. And thats what you’re taught all throughout school. If you fail a test, you study harder for the next test and try again. if you fail at a sport that everybody else is good at, you get back up and try again. Nobody is perfect.

The next time we step into a classroom we will be alone in high school. but thats okay. because being alone means that we have another chance to fix the mistakes that we made before. Dr. Seuss said, “All alone! Whether you like it or not, alone will be something that you’ll be quite a lot.” And Cynthia Heimel said, “When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth.” So i guess what i’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Being yourself is the most beautiful thing you could ever be! It’s not about being accepted with gratitude or being rejected with attitude. It’s about being with the people that make you feel the most unique!  

My friend showed me a song not to long ago. the lyrics said, “and i dont want the world to see me cause i don't think that they’d understand when everything's meant to be broken i just want you to know who i am” and that kind of made me think. my exact thought was, “he doesn’t want the world to see him because he made some mistakes, and everything is supposed to be falling apart around him but instead everything is going perfect. he believes what he did was bad, and he just wants people to see who he is instead of what he has done.” I know your thinking, “Shawna, what’s that supposed to mean?” Well, it means that, well, i actually don’t know. Everybody sees things differently. So if i did something and i thought it was bad, and i don’t want anybody to find out, maybe you could think that what i did was good and you want to tell the world.

At the beginning of the year i thought, “Why does Brooks Road have to come to OUR school?” I wasnt ready for the change. I wanted everything to stay the same. but NOW i am glad that they came. We (as in, Highcastle and Brooks Road) have bonded great friendships...and honestly i NEVER thought that i would have gotten used to it. and i'm pretty sure other people can agree with me. but not only are there friendships among us, but we all work great together. the way we interact in and out of school is amazing. We wouldn't have been able to get used to! stupid...ahem! transition, if it weren't for the intermediate teachers. the first time i think we got together was at the beginning of the year when we went in a trip to Hillside. there we had water fights at lunch...played predator and prey….AHEM!! i was the best……..AHEM!!...and we all had to use teamwork to get through some of the things that they were making us do. and then when we went to West Hill Collegiate Institute, and we were separated into groups with people we didn't know, so talking to the other person from Highcastle that was in your group helped you get to know the people that you were going to be spending the year with, and possibly even the next year.  

Okay well i’m not here to make some heart throbbing speech about how i’m going to miss everyone….because if we are being totally honest here i will probably talk to you guys over the summer or compare schools and stuff next year. i mean i’m not in a big rush to say good bye. but we are all going to have to say goodbye to the people of the past and say hello to the people of the future. who knows where all of us will be ten years from now. maybe some of us will be teachers, or doctors, or maybe even space engineers.

So there isn’t much that i can really say. I’m not gonna go all the way down memory lane, or talk about the multiple inside jokes that i have with so many different people, but what i am going to say is, “Good luck!!!” because really, we’re all going to need it. The smart people are going to stress over tests, the slackers are going to go through the peer pressure and the bad grades, and the average people, or other wise known as normal people, will go through all of the above. But lets get real, none of us are normal. But anyways, stay strong...people are going to talk about you behind your back, we’re all going to get into arguments and fights, and hopefully we will all get through high school together.

But really, you can forget everything that i just said….if you want...i mean it would be nice to know what i said was memorable. but what i’m about to say is more important. and that is: Thank you. Thank you to not only the other grade eights in my class but to the teachers, to the parents, and even to the siblings! This has been a really good year and none of us thought that our grade eight experience would have come out this amazing. Yeah okay we thought it was gonna be kinda great because we were gonna be moving on to high school. But all the experiences we have had as not only as classmates but as friends, will forever be memorable. a lot of us haven’t been here for all ten years of elementary school, some of us, three or even two years. but no matter how long you have been here, there is one theory that we can all agree on. want to know what that is? its that maybe, just maybe, Highcastle is a wonderful place to be.

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