Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What it's been like to live with someone who has #BPD Borderline Personality Disorder

All the above words best decribe our daughter. Teen #2 is our (Spirited One) for the last 3 years have been hell in our home. We ran the gambit with Doctors and other professionals telling us "This is normal Teen Behaviors".... "Your making too much out of it." And anything else to give her the power to make us look crazy. 

Then this past January Teen #2 took it to the extreme. She attempted to kill herself. She planned to overdose and never wake up. I am the one that found her 13 hours after she made the decision and consumed a mix of 55 pills. The scariest day in my life. Ever. 

From there I though now, now these Doctors will have to take this seriously. But unfortunately we didn't have such luck. 

Teen #2 was discharged a week later to resume life as she made it for us. We still had no official diagnosis. Just a pill bottle in hand saying this will help. 

So with no follow up or a way to get a repeat on this new medication we were sent on our way. 

Now we didn't leave it at that as a family. I kicked screamed & cried till I finally found a Phsyciatrist that would properly assess her. 

That meeting was very enlightening. It was back in May, when this Doctor asked if I had ever heard of BPD? No. No I had not. We finally could put a name to this "thing" that had taken over our amazing, funny, creative daughter. We were relieved. 

That sence of relief did not last long when it became clear there was not much that could be done to help us help her. We were back to walking on eggshells. Scared of the reaction you would get for breathing wrong in her company. 

That is until now. Friday Teen #2 leaves us to voluntarily go to a private residential treatment facility. For those that will& have wondered... No Child Services is NOT removing her from us. It was a decision we all made. Our hope this  will help teach her & us as a family how to better deal with the craziness that is going on in her brain. The hope is we can finally start to piece our family back together. 

She will get to come home every other weekend and most holiday's. 

So why am I writing this? Mostly to explain my long absence this last few months. As well I think I was ready to say it all out loud. 


  1. Doctors need to start looking for BPD much sooner. Most diagnoses are not made until adulthood --- although the symptoms are often present much earlier.

    1. Oh I so agree. We have known since she was 4 years old. Teen #2 is now 14.
      The problem is the mix thoughts on BPD in the medical community. Even though it's the most researched in the personality category.